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This is my boy! The only Djinn in North America! We will have to update his photo soon I think.



It's Facebook's fault

I haven't been using my blog here at all. Damn. I didn't want to do that.

This summer will hopefully be filled with events, if I can get to them :) I am really looking forward to camping and visiting with people. I want to make all the things to get ready for the season but I am stalled as I officially need too many things and I have no idea where to start!

I have been working on stuff for other people! Finished a Brigitta coif for Caitrina, almost finished a coif for Allison. Got the linen to make a shirt for Stephan.

For me I need to make a coif, a long sleeved dress, another chemise (probably could alter an old one), another veil, an outer coat/gown, a new belt pouch, most importantly a pair of shoes as I don't even have a pair right now. Also I have all the fittings for a lovely belt that I picked up at Investiture. But where to start?

And how to fit it into puppy watch. Plus I miss some of my friends, I wonder where they are and if they are well.

Inner conflict

Djinn 11weeks

Dan and I got a puppy, he is sweet, he is darling. He needs constant supervision and will for at least 9 more months. Cannot trust him alone for more than a second or he is getting into things he shouldn't be getting into. I have moved almost everything out of reach but he keeps growing! arg.

I am also very conflicted because it is really hard to take care of a puppy 24/7 and I have a growing list of things that need doing. I have commissions to do. I have projects that other people are waiting on. I am getting bitchier and bitchier about it every day I can accomplish nothing. Rawr.

Just venting. I love my bebeh poocha but I also have to get things accomplished.

Progress on the dress...

So I ended up deciding on the 14th c for now. It is the easiest to alter down and I can have it ready for Winter Tourney in a couple weeks. It will be good to look fresh and happy.


That is the pattern layout and an idea of how it should look. Approximately.
Now what I really need is 2 metres of a nice fine long staple white linen to make a quick and dirty ruffle veil to go with, though honestly I can use a plain veil. Everyone is wearing a ruffled veil and I know very well how I dislike wearing what everyone else is wearing. But they are pretty! ;)

I need to rummage for my fine silver plated leaves that I bought a while ago. I want to paint the slightly tarnished/oxidized ones with a green clear nail polish so they look enameled and then sew them onto the dress neckline or across the front of my briggita coif so they show at the forehead. Save the clean silver ones to use as bezants or something...

I suppose I shall also have to cast more buttons, I don't really have enough to do the lower sleeves currently. And the only tippets I have are the ones from when I was on Devin and Aurora's ret when they were Baron and Baroness. I could wear them anyways, I was happy then.


Agnes's dress possibilites

So I made a quick croquis of my shape by tracing photos of myself in a bathing suit. I am not fond of how I look in 2D but whatever, it is what I have to work with. So let's make the best of it.


I can't decide what would be more flattering. I have the loose transitional gown, a Turkish outfit, a new German outfit, or a late 14th c outfit. Minimizing how thick I look is my main aim. I am almost thinking that the loose gown works best but I can't actually see myself realistically. Anyone have an opinion?


A new dress for Agnes

I have been feeling the creative itch. I think that I can't wait until I lose weight to make myself something new. I am tired of looking like a shrub. ;)

So I rummaged in my stash and found a great piece of fuchsia wool that I picked up at Value Village for $13 at some point. Washed in the tiny washer and hung it up to dry. It has a lovely finish and it only shrank a little and very evenly. It will make a vibrant outfit. I am debating on a skimming fitted late 14th c dress laced up the front with button sleeves or half sleeves or a looser transitional gown that must be belted above the waist.

Fuchsia wool washed and ready to go Pattern

Here is the fabric and the pattern mock up. I want to start cutting but I know better. I need to refine my fit first and make an actual decision about style. :)


But I do believe that the new year is a good time to think about things and a great time to start making changes.
So here is a meme I found on Pinterest. Turns out it is mostly a wish list but hey, wishing shows hope. Here's to looking forwards!

~ New Year / 2014 ~

Bad habit I am going to break:
One of my major problems/bad habits is treating myself rather poorly both in mind and in neglect. I want to treat myself with more respect and hopefully do things to make myself last longer. I have realized that if I am lucky I get 40 more years. That it's not much time to do the things I have always wanted to do. Also going to try to work on my procrastination. It is a nasty one though. Cultivating motivation will help bust through it. Wonder how someone does that...

New skill I would like to learn:
There are a great many skills I would like to learn. Advanced leather working, watercolour painting from my grampa, singing a bit better, using my loom, working with silk, flower gardening in my front yard, more woodworking, jewelry making as in casting gold and working with silver, more brewing, etc...

A person I hope to be more like:
I have a long list of people I hope to be more like.

A good deed I am going to do:
I hope I can do a lot of good deeds for my friends and my family. I like making people happy. Part of that is spending time with as many people as possible so I don't miss a chance to tell them I value them and even love them. Remembering birthdays might be a good start....

A place I would like to visit:
Germany is on my to do list. But it will take almost two years to save up the money. I want to visit my aunt Helga, uncle Ernst, cousins Birget and Ernst in Töging. I want to visit my aunt Marty and uncle Barry in Munich. I will seriously need to learn some conversational german. Yes I know people there speak English but I speak with a lot of slang. I will also have to learn how to trip plan and make a list of things I need to see that doesn't take up all the time we are there!

A book I'd like to read:
I am looking forward to reading the next George RR Martin book if it gets released. I would like to get a few more books on my research list and actually study them a bit. I would also like to read a book that catches my interest but isn't just brain candy, I want to read things that inspire me....

A letter I am going to write:
I was thinking it would be cool to write a letter to my nephew every couple of years and save them for him for when he is older and might want to read them. He is almost 2 now and I have hung out with him 7 times since he was born. I love seeing how fast he grows and learns. When he starts to remember me and learn my name permanently I will believe I am being a useful part of his life.

I am going to do better at:
I have a long list. I want to do better at cutting out negativity in my life. Keeping it out of my head, keeping negative people at arms length, keeping it away from my family. This means I need to project positivity in my own behaviour and towards people I care about. I want to be better at being more thoughtful, considerate and less selfish. Trying to think of others before myself more often than not. Doing things for people as a surprise or gifting my time and energy to helping them would make me feel pretty damn good but it will be hard for me because I have always been a rather selfish person. I am going to do better about being artistic. I miss painting, drawing, and printmaking. I know if I don't use it, I will lose it. I do not want my crafts to be my only outlet for creativity. I want to be better at being friends with people. There are so many people I want to hang around with and get to know better because I think they are awesome, but my low thoughts about myself always makes me feel rather unworthy of their time so I never push for it. Maybe I should plan dates with people. Maybe I should invite people into my life...


If wishes were horses....

I am making spaetzel! I am on my 2.5th batch. The half batch is gluten free just to try it out :)
After visiting with my Aunty Marty and Uncle Barry on Christmas Day I am so excited to go to Germany. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to save $3000 to afford the trip. I don't think I can do it this year, but it is possible if I cut out all extraneous things that I might be able to save for two years. Sigh. I don't want to wait that long! I also have no idea how to plan a trip like this so I need to do some research! Augh! So excited! Need to try to learn german with more sincerity than in the past...

So much for accomplishing anything today...

Waiting through 15 hours of the trotts before taking meds was probably not my best idea. I want to go to bed. But I don't trust my body...

Who now?

I am getting so excited about the 50th anniversary episode of Dr Who! Sadly I have to wait until Monday to go watch it in the theatre as I have no cable. But that is ok, I have to remember to buy a ticket tomorrow!


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